Character dolls

Character dolls or art dolls are decorative collectables.  You do not play with them or dress and undress them.   In fact art dolls usually can't be undressed as their clothes are generally sewn or glued on.

Character dolls are the newest type of doll for me.  While I very much enjoy making them, they do require a lot more time and commitment than my other sculpts, because of all the clothes and necessary accessories.


Walter was my first character doll, made at a Jack Johnston workshop.  He stands 17 inhes tall and is wearing a hand knitted sweater and denim jeans.  I have been very slow in building up Walter's "scene", but there has been no rush since he likely will stay here for good.


Emma is 16 inches tall and depicts a retired school teacher who supplements her meagre pension by selling flowers.  With her hair pulled back into a bun and her unadorned clothing she does have a decidedly school marmish look about her.  On chillier days she dons a hand knitted wool vest and a matching hat for warmth.

St. Nick

This handsome 18 inch tall character is totally the product of my imagination.   I wanted to make a Santa Claus, but from a far away time, not modern.   I had an idea in my head of where I wanted to go and here is the result - a simple old man wearing a winter coat and holding a bag of toys.   St. Nick is wearing a simple off white shirt and pants underneath his dark green velvet coat with the faux fur trim. His jaunty hat matches the coat. His coat can be gently removed and he could then be displayed in his shirt and pants as a simple peasant. All of his clothes were designed and sewed by me. His staff is sumac and I sanded it, added a bit of stain and a single coat of varnish for protection.

Aunt Klara

Aunt Klara depicts an elderly lady engaged in her favourite pastime - knitting. Sitting in her chair she is about 12 inches tall. Her brown hair, laced with grey, is pulled back into a simple bun and she is sporting glasses for close-up work.

Santa Claus (2011)

A more traditional Santa Claus, this one is sporting a red suit, belted at the waist and a red fur trimmed hat. He sits in his chair ready to welcome young ones and not so young ones for a visit. Santa Claus would be about 17 inches tall if he were standing, but sitting in his chair he is about 14 inches high.

Spring Fairie

I wanted to make a full body sculpt and also try my hand at making a fairy and here is the result: a tiny Spring Fairy.   She is just 4 inches high as she sits on her mossy knoll.  She has long blonde hair out of mohair and not a stitch of clothing.   For such a small creature she is surprisingly detailed.

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