About me

My name is Kristina Reid and while originally from Finland, I now live in the Kawarthas in Ontario, Canada.  I am a former long time Pug breeder/exhibitor and my initial artistic endeavours involved Pugs.  I have been drawing and painting them since the 1970s and started selling my work in the early 1980s.  In 1983 I expanded to all breeds and ran a booth in dog shows for several years selling all manner of items with various breeds of dogs on them, most of them handpainted by me.  When I quit the dog show vendor business, I went back to Pugs only and sold my stuff at Pug specialties.  I still sell Pug items, but now primarily on the Web, where I have been running a store since 1996.  In case you are interested in seeing that side of me, here's a link to my Pug Stuff.

Several years ago I accidentally stumbled upon reborn dolls while looking for a playdoll for a friend's little girl.  I was fascinated by them, but at that time did nothing more than marvel.  Then a few years later I revisited them and decided to try making some myself.  Little did I know then how addictive a hobby dolls would turn out to be.  Since that time I have finished many reborn dolls - too many to count and I still make them occasionally.  I sell my dolls usually on eBay, but also directly as well as in a couple of doll shows I may attend during the year.  As of 2014 I no longer make new reborn dolls.

In the early days of 2008 I decided to try sculpting and to my everlasting surprise I discovered I wasn't too bad at it.  Since those early days I have improved a hundred fold and sculpting is now my favoured activity.  I have sculpted newborn and preemie sized baby dolls as well as mini babies.   Lately, I have discovered character dolls with old folks with their weathered faces and gnarled hands being my favourite.

My newest venture is silicone dolls, which I started making in the late 2013.  I do the whole process myself - sculpt, making the mold and pouring the doll parts in platinum cure silicone.  

I hope you enjoy your visit and please, do call again.   If you have any questions about my work or shipping or payment policies, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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