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Welcome to my online store, devoted exclusively to items for the Pug fancier. Thank you for dropping by; I hope you enjoy your visit.

Copyright © 2001 by Kristina Reid. All rights reserved

My name is Kristina Reid and I live near the city of Peterborough in Ontario, Canada. I have been drawing and painting Pugs since the 1970s and in this catalog you will find a good sampling of my current work. All the Pugs on every item in this catalog was originally done by me and this is the only place where you can find them. I am constantly creating new items, so check back often to see what's available.

This is the only catalog available for my Pug items; there is no printed version.

Easy ordering either securely online with a major credit card, or by mail with a check or money order. Unfortunately we cannot accept phone, fax or email orders.

All shipping is done from our home base in southeastern Ontario, in Canada.

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